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Opportunity is a NASA rover that was sent to Mars in search of traces of water or life. His mission was initially intended to last 90 days but ended up lasting… 15 years! Sadly, contact was lost after it made its way through "Endeavor" crater and a sandstorm prevented its solar panels from functioning properly. But, what if the rover had actually survived? What if he just lost contact with Earth?

Opportunity is a narrative exploration game that allows you to embody the famous NASA rover and brave the many obstacles that litter the desolate red planet in order to complete its mission. To survive in this hostile and lonely environment, the robot will have to recover different skill modules on the remains of its predecessors, who are now (almost) all out of service.

During their journey, players will update their rover scraping parts they will find on the way so they can keep going further. They will have to adapt to new specific hazards unique to each zone of the red planet. The game will include an organic music soundtrack, with heavy acoustic guitar elements, so players can feel truly immersed when experimenting with the scientific research of the rover...

Our mission is far from complete...


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