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In Beer We Trust!
Build and expand your monastery, craft recipes and brew holy ales in this unique brewery tycoon. No pre-made recipes in Ale Abbey, oh no. It's a canvas for true beer alchemists. It's as simple as: brew, sip, repeat. Welcome to Ale Abbey!
The Brewmaster's Code.
Give your brew a unique name, experiment to discover special traits, and ensure your ales reach unprecedented popularity! Dive into a vast array of over 20 European styles, meticulously choosing the equipment that best suits your needs. Adjust the quantity, quality, and mash temperature to blend the perfect brew. Decide whether to store it for aging, or sell it at the market. Put your trust in your monks’ brewing skills, and let them create the holy ale.
Raise Your Monastery.
Make sure your monastery prospers and ascends to glory! Above ground, build living quarters for your holy crew, production hubs like Libraries and Breweries, and some all-purpose spaces, including the Refectory and the Abbot's Office. Beneath these heavenly floors, it's all about your monastery’s cold cellars (the most sacred of spaces for your brews). Design, build, and turn your monastery into a hub of holy hops!
Happy Crew, Divine Brew!
It's not only about crafting ales, it's about curating a brewing legacy. At Ale Abbey, happy monks will need more than just a good workplace, they will require a steady flow of tasty ales. But that's not all! Appease Lords, befriend neighboring Abbeys, and handle bandit encounters... A tale of challenges unveils in the frothy world of Ale Abbey!
Brew The Holy Ale!


Tycoon, Simulation, Management


Hammer & Ravens

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