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At Shiro Games, we believe communities are a vital part of the gaming industry. As the market has evolved, we have noticed the emergence of a new type of link between developers and gamers: content creators. As indies, we believe that even the most modest of content creators are as important as the more established ones, this is why we have created the Shiro Content Creator Program, an ecosystem where content creators work, and grow alongside the studio.

The program will give you the opportunity to increase the quality and visibility of your Shiro Games content by gaining access to multiple advantages and perks. Thus allowing you to grow your professional network alongside other content creators thanks to a dedicated social channel.

Let’s build, sustain and grow our community together!

As a Shiro games partner, you are acting as an official affiliate of Shiro Games and as such we expect your conduct to reflect the values and conduct of which we strive to uphold here at Shiro Games.

Content Creator Program Guidelines

You will participate in this content creator program and have access depending on your tier to assets, information and, on a case by case basis, confidential materials with non disclosure obligations (meaning materials to be disclosed at a certain date and/or conditions such as early access to marketing materials, but not limited to, and subject to change without notice). By submitting your details hereunder you hereby declare to abide by these principles and obligations. Failure to abide by these content guidelines may result in Shiro Games SAS or Shiro Unlimited SAS taking legal actions and having your content removed immediately. Shiro Games or Shiro Unlimited also reserve the right to change these policies, at any time and for any reason.

Some of our content uses copyrighted materials (music, visuals…) and you should check with us if you’re unsure how to publish your content creation. Please do not take assets from our game, such as voice and music tracks or items, and distribute them separately without the express permission of a Shiro Games employee/representative.

You are free to monetize your content via partner programs, such as the YouTube and Twitch partner programs, any other use of our content in videos must be non-commercial. Please do not charge users to view or access your videos, or sell/license your videos to others for a payment of any kind.

By using our materials including video, assets, marketing materials, audio files, artworks but not limited to, Shiro Games/Shiro Unlimited are granting you a non exclusive, revocable, royalty free license in conjunction with this content creator program.

Content Guidelines

  • Limit obscene language
  • No pornography or obscene media
  • No abuse or hostility towards fellow players or Shiro Games
  • Do not impersonate or claim to be Shiro Games staff
  • No racist or offensive language
  • No stalking or harassment of other players


In the (hopefully) unlikely event that a Shiro Games partner was to violate any of the above requirements or act in a manner that we deem unacceptable, you will be stripped of your affiliate or partner rights and the situation may be escalated depending on severity.

By reading this agreement you signify that you accept and understand the guidelines and you will do your best to uphold them.


0 - 10K subscribers
  • Requirements
  • Regular content
  • Adherence to the content guidelines
  • Perks
  • Keys
  • Access to beta
  • Access to content creator discord server
  • Asset packs
  • Featured on social media


10K - 100K subscribers
  • Requirements
  • Regular quality content
  • Consistently playing Shiro games or game
  • Willingness to sign an NDA
  • Adherence to the content guidelines
  • Perks
  • All affiliate perks
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Early access to keys and marketing materials


100K+ subscribers
  • Requirements
  • Regular High quality content
  • Coverage of updates or game releases
  • Willingness to sign an NDA
  • Adherence to content guidelines
  • Perks
  • All affiliate and partner perks
  • Invites to events at Shiro HQ, industry events and meet ups

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